Trapper Jack

Trapper Jack walked away from God for nearly 30 years because he believed that God was boring, vague, and disconnected. After a series of miraculous encounters, his faith was ignited. God became real and Trapper understood that he was being called into a relationship and that he needed to share his story to help others with their faith journey.

Since his departure from secular radio in 2012, legally blind, Trapper has taken to using his microphone to share his faith through podcasts and inspirational talks using his own special brand of wit. He thanks God for his blindness as that was the gateway that lead him back to his faith.

Trapper made a name for himself as a family-friendly morning radio host for 30+ years and was named to the Cleveland Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Ohio Broadcasters Hall of Fame and National Radio Personality of the Year.

Check out Trapper’s weekly podcast, Touched by Heaven, or learn more about speaking events by visiting us at trapperjackspeaks.com